PMCT ensures, through the accreditation process, appropriate department-based education opportunities within each clinical term. In addition, PMCT provides a weekly JMO Intern Tutorial Program.

Session content for the JMO Intern Tutorial Program is linked to the Australian Curriculum Framework for Junior Doctors.

In addition to the formal Intern tutorial program, PMCT also organises the provision of clinical skills training for its Junior Doctors, ensuring compliance with THS mandatory clinical skills training.

Each PMCT Team located at the Royal Hobart Hospital, Launceston General Hospital or the North West hopsitals organises its own site-specific tutorial program and clinical skills training, as well as additional teaching programs and workshops.  This education is provided to meet the needs of the individual hospitals – please see the specific hospital listing on our website for more details.

THS provides excellent department-based education within each term, as well as hospital-wide learning opportunities including Hospital Grand Rounds and Journal Clubs.  THEO is the internal THS website portal which provides a wide range of online education modules for all staff, including mandatory modules which staff are required to complete upon commencement and, for a small number of modules, annually.