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The Tasmanian Junior Medical Officers' (JMO) Forum is a group open to all junior doctors working in the Tasmanian public hospital system.  It provides a platform for discussing issues relating to the education, training, accreditation and wellbeing of junior doctors across the state.

The JMO Forum meets every second month via video-conference, and in 2015 has representatives from the Royal Hobart Hospital, Launceston General Hospital and North West Regional Hospital. 

The JMO Forum is closely linked with the Postgraduate Medical Education Council of Tasmania (PMCT).  We represent JMOs on the PMCT Board and several subcommittees, and assist with the accreditation process for intern and RMO terms within Tasmania.  We are also a member of the Australasian Junior Medical Officers' Committee, giving us a national voice and perspective on JMO issues. 

Australasian Junior Medical Officers' Committee (AJMOC) update
As Chair of the JMO Forum, I attended the face-to-face meeting of AJMOC in Melbourne in June 2015.   Issues discussed included JMO education (particularly PGY2+), training pipeline bottlenecks, "CV inflation", bully and sexual harassment in the workplace, and the recently published Intern Review Options Paper.  As a result of this meeting, AJMOC has prepared and submitted a response to the Intern Review Options Paper.  We will be meeting later this year to finalise our JMO resolutions for 2016.  This is a document prepared annually to help policymakers, governments and health departments understand workplace, educational and other issues relevant to JMOs. 

For more details on how the JMO Forum can support your eduation and training needs, or to become actively involved, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please be advised that whilst the JMO Forum is happy to provide assistance to current Tasmanian JMOs, we are unable to assist in the job application process.

Click here for the JMO Forum Terms of Reference  (PDF - 330Kb)

Alex Tucker
Chair, JMO Forum
August 2015

Recent report from the Chair (PDF-460KB)