To promote excellence in clinical training, appropriate educational and learning experiences and effective supervision through accreditation of health services and  Intern and PGY2/3 terms to ensure the highest standards of patient safety and medical care.


The PMCT Accreditation Committee reports to the PMCT Board


  • Chair or Deputy Chair,PMCT
  • Director of Clinical Training
  • Junior Medical Officer
  • Medical Education
  • Clinical representatives from North, North West and South
  • Representative from the Tasmanian Board of Medical Board of Australia
  • Representative from General Practice
  • University of Tasmania
  • Consumer representative
  • Other members co-opted as necessary.

While all above groups must be represented, the representative requirement may be met by individuals occupying more than one position.

Role and responsibilities

  • Undertake Intern accreditation functions delegated from the Australian Medical Council (AMC) and Medical Board of Australia (MBA)
  • Develop standards and criteria for intern accreditation in line with national accreditation standards and MBA requirements for intern registration, and be aware of national developments in the field
  • Periodically survey hospitals to ensure existing Intern terms comply with the Council's accreditation standards
  • Review new Intern terms and make recommendations about their accreditation status
  • Develop guidelines and tools to support the accreditation process
  • Develop policies relating to accreditation processes and to manage and monitor compliance with the policies
  • Communicate with stakeholders in relation to accreditation standards, policy and issues
  • Advise the PMCT Board on matters relevant to accreditation
  • Develop and undertake accreditation functions for PGY2/3 terms
  • Review all PMCT accreditation documents on a regular basis as deemed necessary
  • Liaise with other State and Territory Postgraduate Medical Councils regarding accreditation.

Conduct of meetings

  • Meetings are held four times a year and more often as required
  • Meetings are held via teleconference and in person
  • A quorum is at least 50% of members, plus the Chair
  • Members must be familiar and abide by the PMCT Code of Conduct Policy.

Conflict of Interest

  • Members with items of Conflict of Interest as asked to declare this at the commencement of the meeting and to absent themselves from the relevant item discussion
  • Members must be familiar with the PMCT Conflict of Interest Policy.


The following will be made available on the PMCT website:

  • Health services who meet the AMC and MBA accreditation standards
  • Intern terms that meet the AMC and MBA accreditation standards
  • Accreditation Standards, Guidelines and Policies
  • Accreditation Survey Tools