Education & IMG Committee

It is the aim of the Education & IMG Committee to promote the development of appropriate educational activities and programs for IMGs and junior doctors within Tasmanian public hospitals.

The Committee

The Education & IMG Committee also acts to advise the Accreditation Committee on appropriate educational standards for hospitals to ensure appropriate infrastructure and support of junior doctors. In addition, it seeks to assist with the dissemination of information and exchange of ideas in relation to medical education between hospitals. Over the next few years, the committee will be working to help facilitate the implementation of the Australian Junior Doctor Curriculum Framework.

The committee provides education and support to IMGs working in public hospitals in Tasmania. It seeks to achieve this by identifying work issues affecting IMGs, assessing the training needs of IMGs and identifying where these needs are not met. The committee also works to develop programs to enhance the professional skills of the IMGs, examines the relationship between various agencies involved in offering education and training opportunities to IMGs, and serves as a central coordinating body for IMGs in Tasmania. It is vital that IMG and junior medical officer representatives from all hospital sites are involved.


Membership comprises representative from all public hospital sites in Tasmania including:

  • Chair of Education & IMG Committee

  • Directors of Clinical Training (RHH & LGH)

  • Medical Education Advisors

  • Junior Medical Officers from North West Regional Hospital, Launceston General Hospital and the Royal Hobart Hospital

  • IMGs representatives from North West Regional Hospital and Launceston General Hospital and the Royal Hobart Hospital

  • Department of Health 

  • University of Tasmania

  • General Practice Training Tasmania 

  • PMCT RMO Clinical Educator (RHH)

  • THS-NW JMO Clinical Skills Support Nurse

  • Statewide Medical Education Consultant

While all above groups must be represented, the representative requirement may be met by individuals, occupying more than one position.