Accreditation Committee

The purpose of the PMCT Accreditation Committee is to promote excellence in clinical training, appropriate educational and learning experiences and effective supervision through accreditation of health services and Intern and PGY2/3 terms to ensure the highest standards of patient safety and medical care.


  • Chair Accreditation Committee
  • Deputy Chair of the Accreditation Committee (an existing member of the Accreditation Committee as delegated by the Chair)
  • PMCT Chair or Delegate
  • Directors of Clinical Training - THS-S, THS-N and THS-NW
  • Medical Education Advisor- rotating 12 months appointment
  • Junior Medical Officers
  • Hospital representatives from RHH, NWRH-MCH and LGH
  • Representative from the Tasmanian Board of Medical Board of Australia
  • Representative from University of Tasmania - Medical School
  • Representative from General Practice
  • Consumer representative
  • Manager Accreditation
  • Other members co-opted as necessary.
  • Director of Medical Education and Training – THS-NW, THS-S

While all above groups must be represented, the representative requirement may be met by individuals occupying more than one position.