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Tender - PMCT Research Opportunity 2022

The Postgraduate Medical Education Council of Tasmania (PMCT) invites tenders for a research opportunity – Junior doctor perceptions and experiences of bullying, harassment and/or discrimination and the identification of strategies to address these behaviours.

PMCT has a strong interest in the welfare of prevocational doctors and the promotion of quality improvement in junior doctor training. In Australia, the 2021 Medical Training Survey (MTS) found that 35% of trainees reported that they had experienced and/or witnessed bullying, harassment and/or discrimination (including racism) in training. Further, 67% of trainees who experienced these behaviours did not report the incident and only 58% of trainees who reported it were satisfied with the follow-up (MBA, 2021).

While the MTS has provided data on the prevalence of bullying, harassment and/or discrimination among junior doctors, there is little information on junior doctor perceptions and experiences of these behaviours, and their perceived reluctance to report their experiences.

The aims of this study are to extend our current understanding of junior doctors’

  1. perceptions of what constitutes bullying, harassment and/or discrimination
  2. experiences of bullying, harassment and/or discrimination (experienced or observed)
  3. awareness of reporting mechanisms available
  4. barriers to reporting incidents of bullying, harassment and/or discrimination.

The outcome of the research will be a succinct analysis of the current situation in relation to each of the key points, with corresponding identification of priority areas of focus and strategies to address the problem of bullying, harassment, and/or discrimination of junior doctors.

Available Funding: up to $40,000.

Location: Tasmania

Eligibility: Individuals or research teams are eligible to tender.

Research project and tender application: See full details in the briefing here.

Tender close: 20 December 2022

Project complete: February 2024

Contact and submit tender to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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